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Dance film by David Useche

Run time: 7 min.

Year: 2014

Based on fragments of the texts by Archaic Greek poet Safo de Mitilene, “Safo, The Spring Messenger” is a dance-video piece, which in an expressive and poetic way exposes an instant of Mitilene’s life, a contemporary dancer who is at the same time desired and envied by the gods due to her mortal condition. In this film symbolism and sensitivity predominate through images that, beyond attempting to tell a story, allow the spectator to adopt a contemplative and sensitive attitude towards what it’s being observed: Something that perhaps is of vital relevance in our agitated contemporary world.

Directed by                          David Useche

Produced by                        Chiara Useche

Cinematography                 Jerónimo Sarmiento

Music by                               Andrés Useche